Ariella Meltzer

Position : Research Associate

University : University of NSW

Primary domain of research : Social Relationships

Interests : Community and Civic participation, Health and Wellbeing (including carers and caring), Economic Participation,

Ariella’s research is about the relationships between people with and without disabilities, particularly where siblings, families and young people are involved. Her research focuses on the everyday enactment of relationships where disability is present, the place of relationships in social policy, the system of factors that influence relationships and how to improve social/relational outcomes. She also has experience in research and evaluation regarding the social and economic participation and service needs of people with disabilities.

Ariella has experience in complex qualitative research, including projects involving multiple stakeholders, longitudinal components, multiple methods and diverse informational needs for different audiences. Her skills cross fieldwork with people with disabilities, analysis of complex qualitative data and the presentation of information for different audiences, with a particular focus on accessible ‘Easy Read’ information for people with intellectual disabilities.

Contact Information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(02) 9385 3747

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