Simone Reppermund

Position : Senior Lecturer

University : University of NSW

Primary domain of research : Education

Interests : Health and Wellbeing (including carers and caring),

I am a Senior Research Fellow in the area of cognitive disorders with a focus on mental health. I currently manage an NHMRC funded Partnership for Better Health Project Grant entitled: Improving the Mental Health Outcomes for People with Intellectual Disability (ID).

The objective of the project is to improve access to, and quality of mental health services for people with ID. Using a linked NSW Ministry of Health and Ageing, Disability & Home Care dataset, we will integrate the data from our Partners to develop a comprehensive profile of mental ill health and service use in people with ID. Interrogation of these data will identify the linkages and gaps between service sectors (mental health, disability, justice and education) and the benefit of cross-sector work including the impact of various initiatives in NSW in the area of ID and co-occurring mental ill health. We will complement our data driven approach with comprehensive analysis of policy relevant to ID mental health, to address key gaps in policy and policy development in this area. In addition, qualitative research with focus groups will identify ways to improve the recognition of mental disorders among clinical, disability and education service staff, and will work with people with ID to identify and deliver means of improving access to mental health services and supports for people with ID. The findings will develop an evidence base to guide the development of clinical services and policy for people with ID to meet their fundamental right to quality mental health support.

Contact Information

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+61 2 93852578

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