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The Clearing House provides a comprehensive collection of disability research and resources. It is a dynamic ‘meeting space’ for identifying, sharing, disseminating and critically examining the evidence underpinning disability policy and practice. We aim to make the Clearing House the ‘go to’ place for the latest and most reliable evidence for ‘what works’ in disability.

Providing your work in progress to the Clearing House will assist the disability research community to be aware of projects underway, encourage collaboration and prevent duplication.

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Associated with/attached to a CADR MOU partner or NDS research affiliate
  • Reliable and valid / quality methods
  • Supervised by appropriate subject matter expert
  • Relevant to the current disability sector environment
  • Fits within the 9 key domains classifying Clearing House material
  • Deliverables are useful to end users

A page displaying work underway throughout the sector is in development

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