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Dental admissions in children under two years–a total‐population investigation

Slack‐Smith, L., Colvin, L., Leonard, H., Kilpatrick, N., Read, A., Messer, L. B.

Academic Literature


This paper describes dental and oral cavity admissions and associated factors in children under two years of age using total-population databases. There were 1513 dental admissions occurring in 1459 of the children up to the age of two years. Children were most frequently admitted under ICD-9 category 521, which includes a hospital admission for dental caries (39% of all oral cavity admissions), followed by ICD-9 category 528 (29%), which includes diseases of the oral soft tissues. Analysis indicated that those with intellectual disability, birth defect, residing in a region without fluoridated water, being male, those from rural areas and Indigenous children were significantly more likely to have had a dental admission.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Child: Care, Health & Development

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Health and wellbeing, Safety and security

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