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Disability (The 2011 Census Paper Series)

Biddle, Nicholas, Yap Mandy, Gray, Matthew,

Published Literature


The aim of this paper is to use the 2006 and 2011 Censuses to provide some information on the geographic and demographic distribution of disability within the Indigenous population.

The main finding from the paper is that the rate of disability

in the Indigenous population is substantially higher than

the rate for the Australian population as a whole. In 2011,

a higher proportion of Indigenous population is reported a profound or severe disability compared to non-Indigenous population. The other main findings in the paper are that, after controlling for age, Indigenous Australians with a

profound or severe disability are less likely to be employed

but more likely to be providing unpaid care than their non-Indigenous counterparts. These and other results in the

paper suggest an ongoing need for targeted support for

Indigenous Australians with a disability.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : CAEPR Indigenous Population Project report

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Economic participation, Health and wellbeing

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