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Health and wellbeing

Closure of the Challinor Centre II: An extended report on 95 individuals after 12 months of community living

Individuals with mental health problems were relocated to community-based group homes. The study showed that relocation to the community was associated with a more active and normalised lifestyle than experienced in the institutional setting.

Cognitive impairment in Aboriginal people with heavy episodic patterns of alcohol use

This research determines the impact of long-term and heavy episodic alcohol use on cognitive function in Aboriginal people.

Communication outcomes of children with permanent hearing loss developing speaking and signing concurrently: a review

Children with permanent hearing loss may communicate using either signed or spoken language. This article seeks to determine the extent to which concurrent access to and use of spoken and signed language influences children's development of spoken or signed language.

Comorbid physical health conditions hinder employment among people with psychiatric disabilities

This paper examined whether physical health conditions hinder employment for people with psychiatric disabilities. Comorbid physical conditions were negatively associated with employment status.

Comparative Program Options for Aging People with Intellectual Disabilities

This study compared different models of day-support programs used by older people with intellectual disabilities.

Comparing the responsiveness of functional outcome assessment measures for trauma registries

This study assessed the responsiveness of several measurement scales used to measure long-term disability and functional outcomes after trauma. It recommends that the Glasgow Outcome Scale-Extended (GOSE) produce the most reliable and consistent results.

Comparison of specialist and mainstream programs for older carers of adults with intellectual disability: Considerations for service development

The present paper discusses a study that further explored the functions of specialist programs for this group through a comparsion with a mainstream disability case-management program.

Conditionally sexual: Men and teenage boys with moderate to profound intellectual disability

This article presents data about the sexuality of men and boys with intellectual disability. It underscores the need for a better understanding of sexual health needs of these men and boys.

Coping strategies in mothers of school-aged children with intellectual disabilities

The role of the family is crucially important in providing a good education to students with special needs. However, this role is often overlooked. Parents can play a critical role in students' long-term achievement.

Counselling support for people with intellectual disabilities: the use of narrative therapy

This article examined the potential of narrative therapy as a direct intervention for adults with moderate-to-severe intellectual disabilities, autism and/or severe communication limitations. The findings suggest that the therapy can be useful in assisting them.

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