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Health and wellbeing

Aged Services Learning and Research Centre (ASLaRC)

This report evaluates the outcomes of a project - Futures Planning for Older Carers of Adults with Disabilities (phrase 2).

Ageing people with a lifelong disability: challenges for the aged care and disability sectors

Using people with intellectual disability as an exemplar of those who are ageing with a lifelong disability, the paper analyses their location within and the services offered to them by the aged care and disability sectors in Australia.

Aging mothers and aging daughters: Life-long caring and intellectual disability

This paper examines the relationships between ageing, caring and intellectual disability. The article describes how dominant discourses associated with eugenics, institutional care and motherhood shape caring and daughter-mother relationships.

Analysis and enhancement of communication behaviour in children with cerebral palsy

This thesis examined the idiosyncratic and subtle behaviours of children with cerebral palsy. It pointed to the need for more effective communication interventions for the children.

Annotated Bibliography of Research on the Implementation of Positive Behaviour Support

Presents an annotated bibliography of research on the implementation of Positive Behaviour Support commissioned by the Western Australian Disability Commission.

Ask: a health advocacy program for adolescents with an intellectual disability: a cluster randomised controlled trial

This article sought to investigate a health intervention package that claims to enhance interactions among adolescents with intellectual disability, their parents/carers, and general practitioners (GPs).

Assessing the Early Characteristics of Autistic Disorder using Video Analysis

In this study, the behaviours of infants were observed using home videos, in an attempt to identify social difficulties characteristic of infants with autistic disorder.

Audit and comprehensive health assessment programme in the primary healthcare of adults with intellectual disability: a pilot study

This article seeks to explore general practitioners' views on health assessments programs aimed at adults with intellectual disability.

Audit of cardiovascular disease risk factors among supported adults with intellectual disability attending an ageing clinic

This study identified some of the risk factors for older adults with intellectual disability (ID). Some of the risk factors were hypertension, elevated glucose and cholesterol, being overweight, obesity, smoking and exercise.

Australia's health 2000: the seventh biennial report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Australia's Health 2000 is the nation's authoritative source of information on patterns of health and illness, determinants of health, the supply and use of health services, and health services costs and performance.

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