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Health and wellbeing

Way Forward: An indigenous approach to well-being

Objective: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals are overrepresented in mental health services in the state of Queensland (QLD), Australia; indicating greater prevalence and less...

We Belong Too

This report is a large-scale survey of adolescents with autism and their parents regarding their experiences and needs.

We Belong Too: an Australian study of Adolescents with Autism

This report presents findings from the We Belong Too research which surveys 12-17 year old adolescents on the autism spectrum for their opinions on their support needs, experiences and future aspirations.

What do people with acquired brain injury think about respite care and other support services?

This study aims to identify the characteristics of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI) who were using or not using respite, to explore the factors influencing respite use and to determine expectations of respite and need for other support services.

What Predicts the Use of Genetic Counseling Services After the Birth of a Child with Down Syndrome?

This article presents findings from a survey of families of children born with Down syndrome over 2 years in Victoria to find out whether they have used the government funded genetic counseling service and why.

What's in a service? Consumers' views of Australian mental health services

This paper reports on a series of interviews with consumers of mental health services, conducted as part of the Consumer Evaluation of Mental Health Services project (CEO-MHS).

When work happens in the house: Perceptions of how residential care staff choose to spend work time in transitional living units for people with brain injury

This naturalistic study explored the influence of various contextual factors on the decision making of residential care staff (RCS) who worked and lived with clients with brain injury in transitional living environments.

Who Cares and does it matter for the labour market? A longitudinal analysis of the labour force status of Indigenous and non-Indigenous carers

The relatively high rates of disability among the Indigenous population corresponds with heavy caring burdens. It has been well established that carers of a person with a disability have lower rates of paid employment than dononcarers.

Women with Cognitive Impairment and Unplanned or Unwanted Pregnancy: A 2-Year Audit of Women Contacting the Pregnancy Advisory Service

This research investigates the experience of women with cognitive impairments (intellectual disability and acquired brain injury) in relation to unplanned or unwanted pregnancies.

Yoga and Exercise for Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in People With Poststroke Disability: A Randomized, Controlled Pilot Trial

The study investigated whether supplementing exercise with participation in a yoga program would provide further improvements in self-reported symptoms of depression and anxiety in a chronic poststroke population, and it also assessed trial feasibility for future studies.

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