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Physical activity levels of individuals living in a group home

Temple, V. A., Anderson, C., Walkley, J. W.,

Academic Literature


This study investigated the physical activity patterns of six adults living in a group home. Physical activity was measured by direct observation. Participants were observed for seven consecutive days for a total time of 564 hours and 13 minutes. On average per day, participants spent 10 hours lying down, 6 hours sitting, 3 hours standing, 3 hours undertaking personal tasks, and engaged in light to moderate sport, leisure or work at other times. Two participants met the Australian guidelines for physical activity participation; another met the guidelines when he was well. Walking for transport was found to offer a simple, cost neutral opportunity for each participant to meet physical activity guidelines if they could be trained to walk faster.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Housing and the built environment, Health and wellbeing

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