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Reasonable accommodation of university students wth disabilities

Squelch, J.,

Academic Literature


University students with a disability have a right to education, including equal access to facilities, services and programs, and not to be discriminated against on the grounds of disability. An educational institution, therefore, has a duty to provide a student with a disability with reasonable accommodation or reasonable adjustment to ensure they are able to fully participate in tertiary education. However, in order to provide reasonable accommodation students and staff need to be aware of their legal rights and responsibilities in this regard. This article examines the scope and meaning of the concept of reasonable accommodation with reference to case law. The article focuses on three key aspects: (a) the legal meaning of the terms disability and reasonable accommodation; (b) the types of accommodation; and (c) the key issues of undue hardship, academic integrity and disclosure.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Applied Law and Policy

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Education, Housing and the built environment

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