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Housing and the built environment

Sustainable housing paradigms? The impact of reforms on the social housing sector in South Australia and Northern Ireland

This paper considers the impact of reform on the social housing sectors in Northern Ireland and South Australia.

Tensions between institutional closure and deinstitutionalisation: what can be learned from Victoria’s institutional redevelopment?

This article draws on findings from two Australian studies of institutional closures to explore tensions in the closure process that occur in applying managerialist principles to the delivery of services and examines how these processes hindered or furthered the aims of deinstitutionalisation.

The role of practice leadership in active support: impact of practice leaders’ presence in supported accommodation services

This study explores the differences in staff practice associated with the presence of a practice leader in a shared supported accommodation service.

The transinstitutionalisation of people living in licensed boarding houses in Sydney

Deinstitutionalisation, one of the most significant social policies of the last century, was introduced into Australia from the 1960s, and involved the closure or downsizing of large institutions...

Transition to supported community living: An environmental scan and qualitative experiences of TAC clients

This research examines research evidence on independent living transition experiences of people with traumatic brain injury and explores the transition expectations and experiences of Transport Accident Commission clients who have moved into 'Residential

Understanding the use of respite services among informal carers

This paper examines the use of respite services among carers of non-institutionalised individuals aged 15 and over with either a profound or severe disability. Social and cultural factors influenced the use of respite services.

Unpacking barriers to quality care for Deaf people in residential aged care facilities

This article explores barriers to quality care for deaf people living in aged care facilities. Service providers were interviewed. The paper suggests some ways of improving current practices that might benefit Australian deaf people.

Welfare to Work in Australia: Disability Income Support, Housing Affordability and Employment Incentives

This paper addresses two questions: ‘What are the housing circumstances of Disability Support Pension (DSP) recipients?’ and ‘What are the likely consequences of programme changes aimed at increasing employment participation of DSP recipients?’

Younger people with disability in residential aged care program : report on the 2008-09 minimum data set

This report presents information on the people who were provided with support under Younger People with Disability in Residential

Aged Care (YPIRAC)

program and the services they accessed during the

2008–09 reporting period (1 July 2008—30 June 2009).

Younger People with Disability In Residential Aged Care Program: final report on the 2007-08 Minimum Data Set

This report summarises the characteristics of people who were 'on the books' during 2007-08 and the Younger People With Disability in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) services they received.

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