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Housing and the built environment

Comparing costs and outcomes of supported living with group homes in Australia - Study

This study aimed to investigate the QOL of people with intellectual disability in supported living, identify the cost and configuration of support arrangements, factors associated with good outcomes, and finally compare the QOL of people living in supported living with those in group homes.

Design principles in housing for people with complex physical and cognitive disability: towards an integrated framework for practice

To develop a research-based environmental framework to guide the design and construction of suitable residential dwellings for individuals with complex disability. An environmental approach to...

Dispersed or clustered housing for adults with intellectual disability: a systematic review

The purpose of this review was to evaluate the available research on the quality and costs of dispersed community-based housing compared to clustered housing.

Does the daily choice making of adults with intellectual disability meet the normalisation principle?

This study examined daily choice availability for adults with intellectual disability. It showed that level of disability, rather than age, affected choice availability of adult participants.

Family inclusion and people with profound intellectual disabilities: An exploration of the policy-practice interface and the experiences of adult siblings

This paper examines the policy implications of the experiences of siblings of people with an intellectual disability.

Financing housing for NDIS participants

This report provides recommendations for the NDIA that the Summer Foundation believes will enable housing providers to access finance adequate to address the enormous unmet capital needs of young people in residential aged care.

For better or worse: how have people with intellectual disabilities fared in a whole of disabilities framework?

This article explores the impact of a “whole of disability” service framework on the provision of services to people with intellectual disability, with a particular focus on the provision of accommodation support services to people with intellectual disability in Western Australia.

Gatekeepers to home and community care services: the link between client characteristics and source of referral

The aim of this study was to identify characteristics associated with the likelihood of a client receiving a referral to the Home and Community Care (HACC) program from various sources. Data were...

Homeless SAAP clients with a disability 2002-03

This bulletin provides an overview of assistance given to people with a disability by the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP), the major response by the Australian Government and state and territory governments to resolve and prevent homelessness.

Hospital experiences of older people with intellectual disability: Responses of group home staff and family members

This paper reports on the hospitalisation experiences of older adults with intellectual disability. Most hospital systems were poorly designed to respond to the needs of this vulnerable group.

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