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Housing and the built environment

Housing priorities of persons with a spinal cord injury and their household members

This study aimed to identify the housing priorities of families living with persons with a spinal cord injury.

How frontline staff manage paperwork in group homes for people with intellectual disability: Implications for practice

The aim of this study was to explore how frontline staff use paperwork in group homes for people with intellectual disability and identify practice implications.

Human rights and people with disabilities in closed environments

Despite the ascendancy of rights-based disability legislation over the past three decades and the subsequent deinstitutionalisation movement, people with disabilities are still housed in...

Leaving a licensed boarding house: transcending trans-institutionalisation with person-centred transitions

While de-institutionalisation set out with the laudable aim to improve the quality of life of people with disability, the untethering of accommodation from support services has in some cases led...

Listening to families’ views regarding institutionalization & deinstitutionalization

This paper examines families' perspectives on institutionalisation and deinstitutionalisation in Australia. Families opposed deinstitutionalisation because they though it would negatively affect them and their relatives with intellectual disabilities.

Living circumstances of children and adults with mental retardation or developmental disabilities in the united states, canada, england and wales, and australia

The purpose of this article was to collate evidence to describe where people with mental retardation or developmental disabilities live in five developed countries: United States, Canada, England, Wales, and Australia.

Making Life Good in the Community. Measures of resident outcomes and staff perceptions of the move from an institution

This report presents findings from a large-scale outcome survey which provides insight to the impact of de-institutionalisation to people with an intellectual disability, who were former residents of Kew Residential Services.

Managers’ views of skilled support

Managers of supported accommodation services were interviewed to explore service aims and the nature of, and challenges in providing, skilled support.

Measuring the impact of housing on people with schizophrenia

This research project provides an in-depth examination of people with schizophrenia and the impact of living in their own home compared to living in a boarding house.

Mid-term review, younger people in Residential Aded Care (YPIRAC) program

This report analyses the targets, performance and key issues associated with a residential aged care programme. The review found that the programme had positive impacts on young men with a disability.

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