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Dental admissions in children under two years - a total-population investigation

L.; Colvin Slack-Smith, L.; Leonard, H.; Kilpatrick, N.; Read, A.; Messer, L. B. .

Academic Literature


This paper describes dental and oral cavity admissions and associated factors in children under two years of age using total-population databases. There were 1513 dental admissions occurring in 1459 of the children up to the age of two years. Children were most frequently admitted under ICD-9 category 521, which includes a hospital admission for dental caries (39% of all oral cavity admissions), followed by ICD-9 category 528 (29%), which includes diseases of the oral soft tissues. Analysis indicated that those with intellectual disability, birth defect, residing in a region without fluoridated water, being male, those from rural areas and Indigenous children were significantly more likely to have had a dental admission.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Child: Care, Health & Development

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Health and wellbeing, Safety and security

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