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Disobedient behaviours in children with intellectual disability

Bierbaum Lauren, J., Henrich Christopher, C., Zigler Edward, F.,

Academic Literature


Teacher reports of disobedient behaviours in children with intellectual disability noted in previous investigations represent a mismatch with the typical personality profile associated with intellectual disability. We hypothesise that this contradiction arises from the frustration experienced by children with intellectual disability when faced with tasks inappropriate for their mental age.

The results show that, compared to both the mental age and chronological age comparison groups, children with intellectual disability showed increased disobedient behaviours when faced with the level‐inappropriate task, but showed no significant differences on the level‐appropriate task. Hence, children with intellectual disability may be no more likely to misbehave in classroom settings than children without disability, provided children with intellectual disability receive instruction that is sensitive and appropriate to their ability level.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability

Location : International

Domain/s: Safety and security

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