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Hearing loss and communication disability within the criminal justice system

Yonovitz, A., Howard, Damien, Preston, Grant, Kemp, Daniel,

Published Literature


This research report examined the role of hearing loss and communication disability within the Northern Territory (NT) criminal justice system. In particular, it focused on the identification of areas of disadvantage to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal persons involved within the criminal justice system. The research examined literature on the prevalence of hearing loss and communication disability in the criminal justice system, with particular attention to the NT. Correctional Facility, Berrimah, and the Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre were provided audiological assessment and referred for follow-up services where necessary. Also, measures of noise and reverberation levels in rural and remote courts and other rooms used in the criminal justice system are provided to develop guidelines for providing assistive listening devices to defendants.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Criminology Research Council Report

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Safety and security

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