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Keeping Children with a Disability Safely in their Families

Baldry, Eileen, Bratel, Joan, Dunsire, Matthew, Durrant, Michael,

Academic Literature


With the trend towards keeping children with a disability in their families, intervention practices are seeking to ensure child safety. This article explores which support programme(s) for children with a disability and their families positively influenced outcomes for the child and family, and if significant positive change did occur, which programme elements, strategies and/or techniques contributed to positive client outcomes. Families in crisis and their support workers participated in the research and were followed and interviewed using quantitative and qualitative methods. Analyses indicated that the interventions improved families' levels of well-being and functioning and were significantly successful in reducing child abuse potential. Specific worker strategies and programme elements were found to be associated with these improvements and are discussed in detail. Safety of children with disabilities can be improved significantly when family-centred interventions are used.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Practice

Location : UK and Ireland

Domain/s: Safety and security, Social relationships

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