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Stroke: the increasing complexity of carer needs

Ski, C., O'connell, B.,

Academic Literature


This study examined the impact of the caring role on carers of stroke survivors, particularly the services provided and the levels of depression and well‐being experienced. The study used a longitudinal design incorporating survey methods. Stroke survivors were assessed for functional ability, quality of life, and depression using three assessment tools: the Stroke Impact Scale, World Health Organization Quality of Life‐BREF scale, and Zung Self‐Rating Depression Scale. A total of 26 people were surveyed: 13 stroke survivors and their 13 carers. Carer knowledge of stroke support services was also explored. Information was collected by using survey methods and structured interviews at 3 weeks and at 3 months post-discharge. The main finding was that depression scores for carers and stroke survivors were below Australian norms at both assessment time points. The major concern identified by carers was poor follow‐up procedures for initiating rehabilitation in the home.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Neuroscience Nursing

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Health and wellbeing, Safety and security

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