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Safety and security

Sexual assault in Supported Residential Services: Four case studies

This report presents four selected case studies involving allegations of violence and abuses towards residents of Supported Residential Services (SRSs), many of whom have some form of cognitive impairment.

Signs of change: Contemporary attitudes to Australian sign language

This study explores contemporary attitudes to Australian Sign Language (Auslan).In the past two decades, a growing awareness and acceptance of Auslan has emerged among deaf and hearing Australians.

Single Participant Studies in Positive Behaviour Support for Parents of Individuals with Brain Injuries

This paper reported the results of three single participant studies which examined effects of in-home parent-implemented Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) interventions on behaviour of individuals with brain injuries.

Social vulnerability and bullying in children with Asperger syndrome

This study evaluated factors that influence bullying for children with Asperger syndrome. Findings showed that social vulnerability strongly impacted on bullying.

Suicide prevention training outside the mental health service system: evaluation of a state-wide program in Australia for rehabilitation and disability staff in the field of traumatic brain injury

This paper describes an initiative to train rehabilitation and disability staff working in the field of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Temperament and social behaviour at home and school among typically developing children and children with an intellectually [sic] disability

This study compared differences in temperament and social behaviour between children with an intellectual disability (ID) and those without an ID. The differences were minimal. However, the latter achieved a higher level of social competence and engaged in lower levels of anti-social behaviours.

The effect of active support training on engagement, opportunities for choice, challenging behaviour and support needs

This article seeks to evaluate active support (AS) training and to investigate changes to perceived engagement in domestic tasks, opportunities for choice, frequency of challenging behaviour, and level of support needs.

The Ethics of Caring in a Good Society. A National Conversation

This report describes a project which aimed at engaging the Australian community in dialogue about caring.

The legal role of medical professionals in decisions to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment : part 2 (Queensland)

This is the second article in a series of three that examines the legal role of medical professionals in decisions to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment from adults who lack capacity. This article considers the position in Queensland, including the parens patriae jurisdiction of the Supr

The Plight of People Living With Disabilities within Australian Immigration Detention: Demonised, Detained and Disowned

This paper focuses on the plight of people living with a disability detained in Australian run immigration detention centres, in both onshore and offshore facilities (including Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island).

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