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Safety and security

Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support

The Centre engages in practice leadership and disability research in clinical innovation and governance, forensic disability, high and complex needs and positive behaviour supports.

Current developments in Australia: School safety and disability discrimination—Purvis v. New South Wales (Department of Education and Training)

Some behaviours by students with a disability in schools raise questions about the security and safety of other students and inclusive education. This paper discusses a court case relating to this problem.

Developing behavioural training services to meet defined standards within an Australian statewide disability service system and the associated client outcomes

This study examined and the impact of the behavioural services training on the associated client outcomes and the severity rings of subsequent referrals in disability services in Tasmania.

Disobedient behaviours in children with intellectual disability

This study tests the hypothesis that disobedient behaviours in children with intellectual disability can appear when when faced with tasks inappropriate for their mental age.

Domestic and family violence database summary - disabilities

This report reviews cases of violence perpetrated against people with a disability. Violence against a partner or adult children was the most commonly reported type of violence.

Domestic Violence and Children with Disabilities: Working Towards Enhancing Social Work Practice

This article examines the information available on domestic violence and children with a disability.

Domestic Violence and Intellectual Disability

This is a primary prevention program, meaning that it is specifically designed to prevent personal, intimate partner, domestic and sexual violence before it happens.

Evaluation of the Sector and Workforce Development

This report is an evaluation of an action research pilot project that intended to determine what is required to support the disability services sector and its workforce in WA to promote the use of Positive Behaviour Support.


This article seeks to determine whether disability workers have the theoretical knowledge to manage challenging behaviour and to investigate the relationship between organisation factors,

exposure to challenging behaviour, and poor psychological well‐being.

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