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Safety and security

Joint attention, language, social relating, and stereotypical behaviours in children with autistic disorder

This study aimed to investigate the relationships between abilities to initiate and respond to joint attention and symptoms of autism that have, and have not, been theoretically linked to joint attention.

Justice or differential treatment? Sentencing of offenders with an intellectual disability

This paper reports on court outcomes for people with an intellectual disability in comparison with other offenders. It is part of a longitudinal study where it was possible to examine all levels of the criminal justice system, that is, from arrest to court appearance and finally to conviction.

Keeping Children with a Disability Safely in their Families

This article explores which support programme(s) for children with a disability and their families positively influenced outcomes for the child and family, and if significant positive change did occur, which programme elements, strategies and/or techniques contributed to positive client outcomes.

Lawyers: A Role to Play in the Detection of Mental Impairment?

This article presents findings from a study which sought to establish the frequency with which South Australian lawyers consider mental impairment, using 'detection' as a benchmark.

Long-Stay Patient Project Full Report

This report investigates the phenomenon of ‘inappropriate long-term placement of

patients’ in mental health facilities, who have stayed long past the time when they need treatment.

Long-term effect of psychological trauma on the mental health of Vietnamese refugees resettled in Australia: a population-based study

This study assessed the long-term effect of psychological trauma on the mental health of Vietnamese refugees resettled in Australia. It shows that exposure to traumatic events increased the risk of mental illness.

Making rights reality for Sexual Assault victims with a disability

Program to increase access to the CJS for people who have been sexually assaulted and have a cognitive impairment and/or communication difficulties. Enhances existing services to provide greater accessibility.

Medico-legal interaction in disability and fatal claims

This article seeks to explore primary causes of disability and death in the context of claims.

Offenders with an Intellectual Disability and the Arrest Process

This article seeks to explain the disproportionate involvement of people with disabilities with the criminal justice system in Western Australia.

People with cognitive and mental health impairment - 2nd report

This report focuses on the law relating to people with mental health and/or cognitive impairments who have committed serious offences.

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