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Safety and security

People with intellectual disability who offend or are involved with the criminal justice system

This review seeks to assess the impact of recent research on the field of offenders with intellectual disabilities.

Police contact with people with an intellectual disability: the Independent Third Person perspective

This study sought to explore the perspectives of volunteers on police identification of and responses to people with intellectual disability (ID) in Victoria. Participants completed a survey. They viewed police as competent in dealing with people with ID..

Prevalence, clinical features, and correlates of inappropriate sexual behavior after traumatic brain injury: a multicenter study

This study investigated the prevalence and clinical features of inappropriate sexual behavior (ISB) among a community-based cohort of clients of the New South Wales Brain Injury Rehabilitation program.

Reducing Vulnerability to Harm in Adults With Cognitive Disabilities in the Australian Criminal Justice System

This study compiled longitudinal administrative data from all criminal justice and human service agencies in New South Wales to examine life-course pathways for persons who had served time in prison in New South Wales and whose mental health and cognitive disability diagnoses were available.

Report for Cerebral Palsy Alliance : evaluation of the Ignition Mentoring Program

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been running the Ignition Mentoring program since 2006 to support teenagers with cerebral palsy. This report presents some background on the Ignition Mentoring program and an evaluation of outcomes as determined from 113 survey forms filled in by mentees and their carers.

Restraint and seclusion of people on compulsory treatment orders in Victoria, Australia in 2008–2009

This paper describes the characteristics of people with a developmental disability who were subjected to restraint and seclusion in Victoria. It offers some recommendations for professionals working in this field.

Restrictive interventions for people with a disability exhibiting challenging behaviours: Analysis of a population database

People with an intellectual disability are subjected to restrictive interventions. This study reports on the use of chemical and mechanical restraint and seclusion in the State of Victoria, Australia. The use of restraint was found as a routine activity rather than as a last resort.

Say ‘NO’ to Abuse

This booklet aims to help stop abuse and neglect from happening. It tells you what you can do if you or others are at risk of abuse, or are being abused or neglected. We want to make sure that all the people we support are safe, feel looked after and are free from all types of abuse and neglect.

School Disaster Planning for Children with Disabilities: A Critical Review of the Literature

This critical literature review examined the body of peer reviewed literature published in English addressing school disaster planning policies with a particular focus on children with disabilities.

Security design based on social and cultural practice: sharing of passwords

This paper examines the routine sharing of passwords for online banking among married and de facto couples, Aboriginal users and people with disability in Australia.

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