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Cost of Providing Specialist Disability Services and Communities Services in Queensland

Fisher, R. K., Abelson, P., Maynard, D., Rajkovic, M.,

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This research reported service delivery and organisational expenditure data for 30 service delivery types funded by the Disability Services Queensland (DSQ) and the Department of Communities (DOC) and delivered by non-government organisations (NGOs). The analysis shows that service delivery expenditure varies between the provision of services and within each service delivery type. The most significant reasons for variation are the number of hours and days of service per week. Other reasons for variation include the service type; funding agency; number of hours information or referral; proportion of non-contact hours; location (more remote, higher expense); proportion of Indigenous or culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) clients (higher proportion, lower expenditure); client fees (charge fees, lower expenditure); number of volunteers; continuity of clients and level of customer support needs.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Social Policy Research Centre (UNSW) Publications

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Community and civic participation, Health and wellbeing, Sector development and sustainability

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