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Culture in Better Group Homes for People With Intellectual Disability at Severe Levels

Bigby, C., Beadle-Brown, J.,

Published Literature


In depth qualitative case studies were conducted in 3 well performing group homes using participant observation and interviews. The culture in these homes, reflected in patterns of staff practice and talk, as well as artefacts differed from that found in under-performing services. In quality homes, formal power holders were undisputed leaders, their values aligned with those of other staff and the organization, responsibility for practice quality was shared enabling teamwork, staff perceived their purpose as ‘‘making the life each person wants it to be,’’ working practices were person centered, and new ideas and outsiders were embraced. The culture was characterized as coherent, respectful, ‘‘enabling’’ for residents, and ‘‘motivating’’ for staff. Though it is unclear whether good group homes have a similar culture to better ones the insights from this study provide knowledge to guide service development and evaluation

Publication information

Journal/Publication : La Trobe University - Living with Disability Research Centre

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Housing and the built environment, Sector development and sustainability

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