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Perspectives of Aboriginal people on disability and care in the Barkly Region of the Northern Territory

This paper presents the research undertaken by Ninti One to help determine effective support arrangements for Aboriginal people with disabilities living in the Barkley Region of the Northern Territory. The purpose of the research, which was commissioned by National Disability Services as part of a national disability workforce project, is to understand:

1. How care and support is currently provided to people with disabilities and the different roles played by families and services.

2. What people with disabilities think about the support they receive now, and what they think would improve their wellbeing if they could choose more support.

This research captures the perspectives and insights of Aboriginal people with disabilities and their carers using ethnographic methods. Analysis of the information collected in Ali Curung and Tennant Creek has led to the identification of key themes that represent those voices in this report.

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Journal/Publication : Ninti One:

Domain/s: Sector development and sustainability

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