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Psychiatric care of adults with intellectual disabilities: changing perceptions over a decade

Torr, J., Lennox, N., Cooper, S. A., Rey-Conde, T., Ware, R. S., Galea, J.

Academic Literature


The aim of the present study was to compare two state-wide surveys, undertaken in 1994 and in 2004, of psychiatrists about their perceptions of their training and psychiatric treatment of adults with intellectual disabilities who also have mental health needs. Professionals replied to a survey. There has been some change in psychiatrists’ opinions about acute admission wards, believing that they do not meet the needs of the adults with severe intellectual disabilities, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation. There has been some improvement in their ability to adequately manage adults with intellectual disabilities who have mental health needs and/or problem behaviours. Mainstream mental health services fail to meet the needs of adults with intellectual disabilities. Improved specialist clinical services and more clinical training opportunities are required.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Health and wellbeing, Sector development and sustainability

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