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Service user group preferences of social work students in seven countries

Weiss, I.,

Academic Literature


The commitment of social work students to disadvantaged populations is examined here. A total of 660 graduating BSW students from 7 countries were asked to specify their willingness to work with 18 service user groups that related to 5 main categories: victims of abuse, the chronically ill and disabled, couples and families, the socially excluded, and addicts and criminals. In all the national cohorts victims of abuse received the highest levels of willingness while the chronically ill and disabled ranked relatively low in the preference ratings. The socially excluded ranked relatively higher within the internal hierarchies of the Brazilian and Australian cohorts than within the hierarchies of any of the other cohorts.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Social Work Research and Evaluation

Location : International

Domain/s: Education, Sector development and sustainability

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