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Sector development and sustainability

Self directed disability support: Building community capacity through action research

Through action research, this project provides learnings about how people with disability experience and manage the transition towards self directed disability support.

Service user group preferences of social work students in seven countries

This paper examined the commitment of social work graduates to disadvantaged populations. The graduates showed the highest preference for working with victims of abuse. By contrast, preference for working with people with a disability was relatively low.

Shifting Models of Welfare: Issues in Relocation from an Institution and the Organization of Community Living

This is a study on the closure of institutions and relocation of people with intellectual disabilities to community living in several Australian communities.

Shifts in the model of service delivery in intellectual disability in Victoria

This paper explores some of the recent policy shifts in the field of intellectual disability and examines the dilemmas they pose and the major questions to be addressed in this field.

Specialist Versus Generic Models of Psychiatry Training and Service Provision for People with Intellectual Disabilities

This article seeks to compare specialist verses generic mental health models to ascertain key differences in service quality and accessibility in meeting the mental health needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Student and professional attitudes and interests in working with people with complex communication needs

This article seeks to explore speech-language pathology student and professional attitudes and interests in working with people with complex communication needs.

Support staff in a sample of Australian community-based services for people with a disability: career intentions, personal characteristics and professional development needs

This study reports the characteristics, career intentions and professional development needs of staff from a wide variety of services for people with a disability in NSW, Australia.

Supported Decision-Making for People with Cognitive Impairments: An Australian Perspective?

This paper focuses on Australian and overseas law reform and policy initiatives to tackle challenges posed by special programs (such as the NDIS). It will be of interest to people thinking about supported decision making in the context of current reforms occurring around Tier 2 (now called ILC).

Supporting Older Carers of People with a Disability: An Evaluation of a Respite Care Program in Western Australia

This article presents the findings of a formative and summative evaluation of a respite care program for carers aged 65 and over (50 if Indigenous) who care for a person with a permanent disability aged 18 years or older.

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (ACSIP)

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (ACSIP) is committed to promoting and advancing social investment and philanthropy amongst all sectors in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

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