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Sector development and sustainability

Profiling non-government community service organisations in NSW: Summary Report

This report outlines findings from a survey of non-government organisations (NGOs) that provide community services in NSW.

Psychiatric care of adults with intellectual disabilities: changing perceptions over a decade

In this study, psychiatrists expressed their opinions about training and clients' service needs. The study highlights a need for more clinical training and specialist clinical services.

Public Value Management: A Case Study of Transition in Disability Sector Reform in Western Australia

Public Value Management is explored through a case study of a public-community sector partnership strategy called the positive behaviour framework, a WA Government initiative designed to transform services for people with disability.

Realising Possibilities: Annual Report 2012-13

The Sax Institute is a not-for-profit organisation that acts as a bridge between researchers and health decision makers.

Recruitment of speech pathologists into positions considered less attractive

This article seeks to investigate the recruitment of less attractive speech pathology positions involving positions based in rural areas or involving work people with developmental disability. Overall, such positions were not difficult to fill, although they did attract fewer applicants.

Research into Commonwealth Regulatory and Reporting Burdens on the Charity Sector - A report prepared for the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

The ACNC engaged Ernst & Young (EY) to research the regulatory and reporting burden on charities. While this research focusses on Commonwealth burden, it also considers state and territory burden.

Research on the need for two care workers in a community setting

This report is a summary of the findings. The guidelines are a separate document with specific considerations for determining the need and alternatives to two care workers.

Rethinking disability policy

This viewpoint reviews some aspects of disability policy since the early 1990s before making a detailed assessment of the current polices being introduced by the UK Coalition Government.

Review of evaluation process, State Disability Services, Tasmania DHHS : a report

This report reviews the current evaluation instrument, benchmark it against relevant alternatives, and evaluate the current assessment procedurces in Tasmania and relate the evaluation process to the requirements of the Evaluation Unit (EU), the Funding Unit, and service providers.

Rewards in a non-profit organisation : a case study

This article seeks to explore how extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards are viewed by workers in a non-profit organisation working with people with disabilities.

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