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Sector development and sustainability

Review of evaluation process, State Disability Services Tasmania DHHS

This paper aims to review the current evaluation instrument; relate the evaluation process to the requirements of the Evaluation Unit (EU), the Funding Unit, and service providers; and negotiate evaluation process issues / proposed changes with the stakeholder.

Review: A systematic review of quality of life measures for people with intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviours

This paper reviewed disability literature to propose a suitable quality of life (QOL) measure. The proposed instrument can be used for people with intellectual disability (ID) to pinpoint psychometrically sound measures.

Rewards in a non-profit organisation : a case study

This article seeks to explore how extrinsic versus intrinsic rewards are viewed by workers in a non-profit organisation working with people with disabilities.

Rural, regional and remote health: indicators of health system performance

This report focuses on a comprehensive range of health issues concerning people living in regional and remote Australia.

School Assessment Policies Across Australia for Students with Special Needs

This paper examines the assessment policies across Australia.

Self directed disability support: Building community capacity through action research

Through action research, this project provides learnings about how people with disability experience and manage the transition towards self directed disability support.

Service user group preferences of social work students in seven countries

This paper examined the commitment of social work graduates to disadvantaged populations. The graduates showed the highest preference for working with victims of abuse. By contrast, preference for working with people with a disability was relatively low.

Shifts in the model of service delivery in intellectual disability in Victoria

This paper explores some of the recent policy shifts in the field of intellectual disability and examines the dilemmas they pose and the major questions to be addressed in this field.

Specialist Versus Generic Models of Psychiatry Training and Service Provision for People with Intellectual Disabilities

This article seeks to compare specialist verses generic mental health models to ascertain key differences in service quality and accessibility in meeting the mental health needs of people with intellectual disabilities.

Standardised Observation Analogue Procedure (SOAP) for assessing parent and child behaviours in clinical trials

This article seeks to explore the use of a Standardised Observational Analogue Procedure (SOAP) for assessment of parent-child behaviour in clinical trails.

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