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Sector development and sustainability

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (ACSIP)

The Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (ACSIP) is committed to promoting and advancing social investment and philanthropy amongst all sectors in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

The challenge of implementing state disability policy to achieve second generation rights for people with disabilities

This paper draws on the policy implementation literature and uses the Victorian State Disability Plan as an exemplar to explore the tasks, obstacles, tensions and conflicts of implementing disability policy.

The ICF as a framework for national data: the introduction of ICF into Australian data dictionaries

This article describes how work on disability concepts and classification as well as the preparation of national data dictionaries have been carried out in Australia.

The Implementation of the NDIS: Who Wins, Who Loses?

This paper outlines potential threats or risks of the NDIS from the perspective of not-for-profit organisations, workers in the sector and people with disability. It draws on recent reports on the sector, person-centred models of funding and care, the NDIS and past experience.

The Kirkpatrick model: A useful tool for evaluating training outcomes

This paper reports on the usefulness of the Kirkpatrick model. The model is used to compare and evaluate training programs.

The nature and impact of caring for family members

This report aims to examine the effect of caring on family and social relationships; documents the social, emotional, physical and financial impact on families of caring for a person with a disability; and examine the effect of caring on labour force status.

The Psychosocial Health and Safety of Australian Home Care Workers: Risks and Solutions

This report describes the results of research on the psychosocial risks, or job stresses, experienced by Australian home-care workers in aged services and disability.

The social dynamics of the interview: age, class, and gender

This article seeks to explore how interviewers and interviewees respond to the structural factors shaping the social dynamics of the interview to produce accounts of social life.

The state of the community service sector in New South Wales 2014

This report presents findings from a survey of non-government, not-for-profit community service organisations operating in New South Wales (NSW).

Third sector in transition–A question of sustainability for community service organizations and the sector?

This paper sough to examine how market reforms impacted on nonprofit disability organizations in Queensland and Victoria. A conceptual framework for sustainability of the community service sector is presented.

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