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Sector development and sustainability

Department of Employment: Vacancy Report

The Vacancy Report contains the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) which is based on a count of online vacancies newly lodged on SEEK, My Career, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch.

Developing a voice as a practitioner researcher

This exegesis documents a research journey that began with the intent to construct a purpose built building to accommodate an existing centre-based early intervention service.

Developing behavioural training services to meet defined standards within an Australian statewide disability service system and the associated client outcomes

This study examined and the impact of the behavioural services training on the associated client outcomes and the severity rings of subsequent referrals in disability services in Tasmania.

Disability citizenship: an Australian human rights analysis of the cultural industries

This paper takes direction from social approaches to disability that place the experience of people with disabilities (PwD) at the centre of the research paradigm by examining this population’s human rights’ experiences in their cultural life in the Australian context.

Disability discrimination and higher education in England and Wales and Australia compared

The purpose of this article is to examine the approach taken in both jurisdictions towards the use of the anti-discrimination statutes and consider the effectiveness of the legislation in preventing discrimination on the ground of disability in higher education.

Disability in Sustainability Reporting

This guide is designed to help organisations communicate their commitment to respecting and promoting the rights of people with disabilities.

Disability support services 2001, national data on services provided under the Commonwealth/State Disability Agreement

This report provides estimates relating to a single day (‘snapshot day’) and deals with: 1) consumers and their characteristics; 2) services received; and 3) numbers of service outlets for CSDA-funded services.

Disability support services 2001: national data on services provided under the Commonwealth/State disability agreement

This report includes and significantly expands the information published in Disability Support Services: First National Results, 2001.

Disability support services 2002-03: the first six months of data from the Commonwealth State/Territory disability agreement National Minimum Data Set

This report describes service users and their characteristics and service type outlets funded to deliver Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) services, within the first six months of 2003.

Disability support services 2005-06: national data on services provided under the Commonwealth State/Territory Disability Agreement

This report is an annual examination of Australia's disability services, in particular services under the CSTDA. For the first time, this report include a chapter on Autism.

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Research to Action Guides

  • A Guide for disability practitioners, schools, employers and young people looking to make the transition from school to employment in Australia....
  • The Culturally Proficient Service Delivery Research to Action Guide has been developed to assist in the provision of accessible, appropriate and effective disab...