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Sector development and sustainability

Evaluation of an Occupational Mindfulness Program for Staff Employed in the Disability Sector in Australia

The purpose of this preliminary study was to evaluate the impact of a group-based training program, known as ‘Occupational Mindfulness’ (OM), on employee coping and wellbeing within a disability service in Australia.

Evaluation of outcomes for people nominated to the Integrated Services Program: Evaluation plan

The Integrated Services Program (ISP) commenced in 2005 with dedicated funding from the NSW Government as a demonstration project.

FutureAbility DataCube

This interactive online data platform presents a large collection of statistical data about people aged under 65 years old with disability from CALD backgrounds throughout NSW.

Government Directives on the Integration of Students with a Disability Into the TAFE System: Causes and Effects as Reflected Within the New England Institute of TAFE

This study considers how the TAFE system in NSW addresses the intention of legislation such as the Commonwealth and state Disability Services Acts to support students with disabilities, by surveying the views of senior TAFE staff, students, teachers and consultants.

HACC NSW Unit Cost Benchmarking Study 2005

This is a summary which provides feedback to HACC New South Wales (NSW) service providers in

relation to the HACC Unit Cost benchmarking study. The study aims to identify and analyse service costs, provide insight to the nature of services delivered and provide a cost management tool to providers.

How will the NDIS change Australian cities? - Study

The NDIS will directly affect the lives of close to half a million people with a disability as well as their formal and informal support providers. This article seeks to explore the impacts of the NDIS on Australian cities over the first decade of its full implementation.

I-CAN : instrument to classify support needs for people with disability

This article seeks to explore the usability of I-CAN: an instrument that aims to assess the frequency and intensity of support needs for people with disability.

Individual funding: Building community capacity through action research

People with self-directed supports feel they have a greater amount of choice and control compared to people who have support packages from service providers.

Influencers in the participation of Aboriginal people in disability support services

The prevalence of disability in Australia’s Aboriginal population is over twice the rate of disability in the non-Aboriginal population. Despite this, the rates of Aboriginal people with disability being supported by disability services are consistently reported to be low.

Intellectual Disability Australasia (IDA)

Disability Australasia (IDA) is the news magazine of the Australasian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability. IDA is published four times annually - in March, June, September and December.

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