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Social relationships

'Part of our world': Influences on caregiver decisions about communication choices for children with hearing loss

Caregivers of young children with hearing loss make decisions about which communication mode/s and spoken language/s their children and family will use. Influences on decision-making about...

‘My grandchild has a disability’: Impact on grandparenting identity, roles and relationships

This research explores how having a grandchild influences grandparents' sense of identity and the roles that they play as grandparents.

"He was learning to read, but he wasn't learning to live": Socially inclusive learning in a community setting

People with mental health problems, learning difficulties and poor literacy and numeracy are at risk of social exclusion, including homelessness. They are often disconnected from the formal...

“Making a good time”: The role of friendship in living successfully with aphasia

This study aimed to explore the perspectives of 25 community dwelling individuals with chronic aphasia on the role of friendship in living successfully with aphasia.

“She's been involved in everything as far as I can see”: Supporting the active participation of people with intellectual disability in community groups

This study aimed to identify the nature and impact of the group processes on the active participation of people with intellectual disability.

“So that's the way it is for me — always being left out.” Acquired Pragmatic Language Impairment and Social Functioning following Traumatic Brain Injury

The aim of this paper is to review pragmatic language impairment in the context of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and detail its impact on social functioning from the perspectives of people with TBI.

A comparative study of the level of performance of students with vision impairment and sighted peers in adaptive behaviour within the regular school context

This paper presents a comparative analysis of skills and performance of students with a vision impairment and sighted students. Results showed no significant differences between the two groups of students.

A controlled trial of the SibworkS group program for siblings of children with special needs

Siblings of children with a disability are an at risk group for emotional and behavioral problems. This study evaluated an intervention to promote the emotional and behavioral functioning of...

A Discourse of "Abnormality": Exploring Discussions of People Living in Australia With Deafness or Hearing Loss

Adopting a social constructionist framework, the authors conducted a synthetic discourse analysis to explore how people living in Australia with deafness construct their experience of deafness. An...

A Fair Game for All? How Community Sports Clubs in Australia Deal With Diversity

Diversity and equality are key issues confronting sport. This article draws on findings from qualitative research carried out in Australia to critically examine how diversity is understood and...

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