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Social relationships

‘My grandchild has a disability’: Impact on grandparenting identity, roles and relationships

This research explores how having a grandchild influences grandparents' sense of identity and the roles that they play as grandparents.

“I Want to See the Queen”: Experiences of Service Use by Ageing People with an Intellectual Disability

The present study explored the everyday lives of older people with intellectual disability in Victoria and Queensland, examining their experiences of using disability services and the ways in which services responded to their ageing.

A comparative study of the level of performance of students with vision impairment and sighted peers in adaptive behaviour within the regular school context

This paper presents a comparative analysis of skills and performance of students with a vision impairment and sighted students. Results showed no significant differences between the two groups of students.

A picture of Australia's children

'A picture of Australia's children' is the third national statistical report on the health, development and wellbeing of Australia's children aged 0-14 years.

Access and the use of information technology in the older Australian population: A comparison among the healthy, chronically ill, and people with disability with and without limitation to core functioning

This article seeks to examine the access and usage of information technology in Australia among various groups of older people including healthy, chronically ill, and disabled people; with and without limitations to core functional activities.

An exploration of loneliness: Communication and the social networks of older people with cerebral palsy

In this paper, the authors present some findings from a larger qualitative study on the loneliness experiences of older people with cerebral palsy.

Attitudes of undergraduate health science students towards patients with intellectual disability, substance abuse, and acute mental illness: a cross-sectional study

The objective of this study was to measure the attitudes of undergraduate students enrolled in six different health-related courses at Monash University toward patients with intellectual disability, substance abuse, and acute mental illness.

Attitudes to Sexuality Questionnaire (Individuals with an Intellectual Disability): Scale development and community norms

The aim of this study was to continue the development of a recently published questionnaire and to establish normative data for researching the community attitudes toward the sexual expression of adults with an intellectual disability,

Attitudes towards the sexuality of adults with an intellectual disability: parents, support staff, and a community sample

This study explored the attitudes of parents, carers of adults with intellectual disability and the general community toward the sexuality of adults with intellectual disability.

Australia's welfare 2011: the tenth biennial welfare report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

This report provides statistics and related information concerning topics such as families, ageing, disability and housing.

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