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Change in residential remoteness during the first 5 years of life in an australian cerebral palsy cohort

Michael J. DeLacy, Christalla Louca, Hayley Smithers-Sheedy, Sarah McIntyre,

Academic Literature


Aim: To determine if families of children with cerebral palsy living in Australia move to less remote areas between birth and 5 years. Method: Children on the Australian Cerebral Palsy Register (n = 3399) born 1996 to 2005, were assigned a remoteness value for family residence at birth and 5 years using a modification of the Australian Statistical Geography Standard. Each value at birth was subtracted from the value at 5 years yielding a positive difference if they moved more remotely, negative difference if they moved less remotely and a value of zero if they did not move or moved to an equally remote residence. Results: The small net increase in remoteness across this cohort was non-significant (p = 0.43). Fifty-seven per cent of families changed postcode but only 20% changed remoteness, 11% more remotely, and 9% less remotely. There was a small trend for families with a child with more impaired gross motor function (Gross Motor Function Classification System levels IV and V) to move to a less remote area. Interpretation: This cohort of families with children with cerebral palsy did not appear to move to less remote areas by age 5 years. Remoteness at birth and level of gross motor function seem to have little effect. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology

Domain/s: Social relationships

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