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(CCDR) focuses on applications of emerging paradigms of disability to research, disability studies, and community projects in the areas of education and the social sciences. Projects are guided by a social minority model of disability and a commitment to inclusion in all aspects of research and training. The Center nurtures exchange with organizations in the local and national disability communities and pursues research problems identified by people with disabilities.Center for Capacity Building on Minorities with Disabilities Research (CCBMDR)

CCBMDR seeks to increase the capacity of State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies and community-based organizations to document the impact of their programs and develop culturally competent services. CCBMDR also houses the Advocacy and Empowerment for Minorities with Disabilities Program (A&E) which seeks to better understand the unique needs of ethnic minorities with disabilities and develop and empirically evaluate supportive programs.

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Journal/Publication : University of Illinois

Location : North America

Domain/s: Education, Social relationships

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