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Educating Oneself out of Social Exclusion: Research Report

Hielke, Buddelmeyer, Felix, Leung, Rosanna, Scutella

Published Literature


Providing more education and training is considered one means by which to reduce the extent of social exclusion and consequently has been a key focus in recent public policies. Using the first ten waves of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey as well as data from the Survey of Education and Training, the research builds a multi-dimensional measure of social exclusion comprising: material resources (household income and expenditure); employment; education and skills (literacy and numeracy, educational attainment, work experience); health and disability; social interactions; community (neighbourhood quality, civic participation, volunteerism); and personal safety. The authors are then able to show how social exclusion varies across different levels of educational attainment and over time.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Commonwealth of Australia

Location : Australasia

Domain/s: Education, Social relationships

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