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Social relationships

Primary school teachers’ perceptions of inclusive education in Victoria, Australia

This article explores the perceptions of primary school teachers toward the inclusion of students with disabilities into general education classrooms. Teachers who had knowledge of the anti-discrimination law, had received training and had a family member with a disability held positive attitudes.

Respite reconsidered: A discussion of key issues and future directions for carer respite

This paper discusses the concept of respite in the context of demographic and social trends; in particular an ageing population, the greater longevity of people with disabilities and the changing role of women and the diversity of family forms.

Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research

Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research is an international peer-reviewed journal aiming to disseminate leading social research on disability.

Siblings Australia Inc.

This website will allow you to access information about sibling support - services, resources, research and policy - whether you are a sibling, parent, worker or researcher.

Sleep disruptions and mental health of primary caregivers of persons with disability due to chronic mental and physical conditions in the Australian population

This article sought to investigate the association between sleep disruption and the general mental health of caregivers of disabled people in Australia.

Social competence and peer interactions of students with intellectual disability in an inclusive high school

This paper reports descriptive information on the relationship between social competence and the amount and type of peer interaction for nine adolescents with intellectual disability attending a regular high school.

Social development in children with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders

The aim of this article is to increase awareness amongst child welfare professionals of how prenatal alcohol exposure impacts on children's social development.

Social relationships and friendships of children with developmental disabilities: Implications for inclusive settings. A systematic review

This paper presents a review of 36 studies relating to social relationships between children with developmental disabilities and their peers. It found the relationships between these two groups are often patchy, non-linear and limited in context.

Social vulnerability and bullying in children with Asperger syndrome

This study evaluated factors that influence bullying for children with Asperger syndrome. Findings showed that social vulnerability strongly impacted on bullying.

Sterilisation, drugs which suppress sexual drive, and young men who have intellectual disability

This paper reports on 51 responses to a request for information about sterilisation, drugs and young men who have intellectual disability in Australia.

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