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Social relationships

Supporting families who have a child with a disability

This report analyses the assessment process of children with disability with particular emphasis on the family's role.

The Economic Value of Informal Care in 2010

This is the first Australian

study of the economic value of the informal care provided by unpaid family carers for people

with disability, mental illness, chronic conditions, terminal illness and the frail aged. 

The Effectiveness of Parent Management Training To Increase Self-Efficacy in Parents of Children with Asperger Syndrome

The study assessed the effectiveness of an intervention programme. The intervention programme aimed at increasing parental competence in management of problem behaviours associated with Asperger syndrome.

The Inclusion of Siblings in Social Skills Training Groups for Boys With Asperger Syndrome

This pilot investigation evaluated the effectiveness of siblings as generalisation agents in an 8-week social skills training (SST) program designed for boys with Asperger syndrome (AS).

The Role of Assistive Technology in Supporting People with Disabilities and Complex Care Needs: A Literature Review

The Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC), University of New South Wales (UNSW) conducted a literature review about the role of assistive technology (AT) in supporting people with physical, sensory and communication disabilities and complex care needs.

The social experiences of children with disability and the influence of environment: A framework for intervention

This paper explores the influence of environment on the quality of social experiences of children with disability in Sydney, Australia.

The State of Shared Lives in England 2015 - Full Report

Shared Lives offers a flexible, person centred solution to housing, care and support needs for older and disabled people, giving people the opportunity to share family and community life with a Shared

Lives carer. This is the 2015 annual report of the pr

This is My Home. Belonging, Disability and Diversity

This report uses a small focus group methodology to highlight some key themes surrounding people with disability from Non English Speaking Backgrounds, and promote further discussion on social inclusion for a range of diverse Australians.

Time away from “smelling the roses”: Where do mothers raising children with disabilities find the time to work?

Using the Australian Time Use survey (TUS), this study examined time allocation among working parents raising children with disabilities.

Who cares? the cost of caring in Australia 2002 to 2005

This article seeks to explore the direct and indirect costs of care.

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