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Bloomberg, K., West, D., Iacono, T. A.,


This paper reports results from a trial on PICTURE IT - a communication training package designed for carers of adults with severe and multiple disabilities. The trial was conducted with 16 carers of eight individuals with severe and multiple disabilities. The carers worked in pairs comprising a carer from the individual’s day setting and the other from the individual’s home.

Results indicated limited changes in carers’ knowledge and attitudes about communication of people with significant communication impairment. However, there were improved interactions, demonstrated by increased initiations and more appropriate responses to the individuals’ communication attempts by the carers. The individuals responded more frequently to the increased communication opportunities. The ability to formulate appropriate communication goals and to make some changes to the individual’s social environment were also noted.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Location : International

Domain/s: Transport and communication

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