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Evaluating communication training for paid carers of people with traumatic brain injury

Behn, Nicholas, Togher, Leanne, Power, Emma, Heard, Rob,

Academic Literature


This paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a communication training programme for paid carers to improve their conversational interactions with people with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Ten paid carers were randomly selected from a post-acute residential rehabilitation programme and allocated to either a training or control group. Training comprised a 17-hour programme with conversational interactions between paid carers and people with TBI.

The results show that trained paid carers were more able to acknowledge and reveal the competence of people with TBI. Conversations were perceived as more appropriate, interesting and rewarding compared to the control group. Hence, training paid carers has a positive effect on improving conversational interactions with people with TBI in a long-term care facility. These improvements can help to foster increased independence for the person with TBI in the home and community.

Publication information

Journal/Publication : Brain Injury

Location : International

Domain/s: Health and wellbeing, Transport and communication

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