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Transport and communication

United Kingdom Life Opportunities Survey

This UK survey aims to identify the reasons why people with disability do not participate in the community as much as they would like. It also explores topics such as living standards, housing, discrimination and crime.

Use of Social Media during Public Emergencies by People with Disabilities

This article presents data from a survey on the use of social media and other communications media during public emergencies by people with disabilities conducted from November 1, 2012 through March 30, 2013.

Usefulness of Austroads’ fitness-to-drive guidelines: lessons from the Gillett case

This articles examines the case of Regina vs Gillett to evaluates the relevance of Austroads fitness-to-drive guideline when evaluating suitable risk with respect to potentially dangerous drivers.

Using a Life Course Approach to Explore How the Use of AAC Impacts on Adult Sibling Relationships

A life-course methodology was used to explore the relationship between four adults with moderate/severe cerebral palsy with complex communication needs who used AAC, and six of their non-disabled siblings.

Using Intensive Interaction to add to the palette of interactive possibilities in teacher–pupil communication

This paper assesses the impact of introducing intensive interaction to the teaching of students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders.

Utilisation of evidence-based practices by ASD early intervention service providers

A number of autism intervention practices have been demonstrated to be effective. However, the use of unsupported practices persists in community early intervention settings.

Vocabulary selection for Australian children who use augmentative and alternative communication

This study identified the words most frequently and commonly used by typically developing Australian preschool‐aged children. Results highlight the importance of providing both core and fringe vocabulary to preschool‐aged children.

Website accessibility in Western Australian public libraries

This article provides a summation of the research conducted into the accessibility of public library websites in Western Australia.

Website Accessibility: a Comparative Analysis of Australian National and State/Territory Library Websites

This paper assesses the accessibility of the websites of the National Library of Australia, and those of each of the State/Territory Libraries.

Windows of perception: a review of the literature concerning uncontracted and contracted literary braille

This literature review looks at the debate over the use of uncontracted braille, also referred to as Grade 1, and the use of contracted braille, which is commonly referred to Grade 2, over more than 70 years.

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