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Transport and communication

Scott V. Telstra: A Watershed in Australian Telecommunication Policy

This article describes how teletypewriters (TTYs) was included as part of the definition of the Universal Service Obligation (USO) - an outcome of the public inquiry known as Scott v. Telstra, which was held in 1995.

Security design based on social and cultural practice: sharing of passwords

This paper examines the routine sharing of passwords for online banking among married and de facto couples, Aboriginal users and people with disability in Australia.

Selected Findings from the First International Evaluation of the Proposed Unified English Braille Code

The goal of this research project was to gather evaluation data from respondents across English speaking countries on the ways in which they use braille and on their opinions about various aspects of the proposed unified braille code.

Speech Perception Results for Children Using Cochlear Implants Who Have Additional Special Needs

The aim of this study is to examine the association between degree of developmental delay and speech perception outcomes for a group of young children using cochlear implants.

The effect of color on the recognition and use of line drawings by children with severe intellectual disabilities

This study investigated the effect of color on the recognition and use of line drawings by young children with severe intellectual disabilities. The children had poor verbal comprehension and were beginning picture users.

The use of the internet as a bibliotherapeutic tool for parents with children with disabilities or special needs: An exploratory study.

This thesis investigated how parents, who had children with a disability, used the Internet for information. Parents used the internet to connect with support groups. The thesis attempted to identify factors that influenced their information seeking behaviours.

Transport problems that matter – social and psychological links to transport disadvantage

This paper presents an analysis exploring self-reported measures of transport disadvantage and how these relate to social exclusion and well-being in Melbourne, Australia.

Use of Social Media during Public Emergencies by People with Disabilities

This article presents data from a survey on the use of social media and other communications media during public emergencies by people with disabilities conducted from November 1, 2012 through March 30, 2013.

Using Intensive Interaction to add to the palette of interactive possibilities in teacher–pupil communication

This paper assesses the impact of introducing intensive interaction to the teaching of students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders.

Using technology in rural practice : local area coordination in rural Australia

This paper draws upon the findings of a research study that evaluated the Local Area Coordination (LAC) pilot project.

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